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01 May, 2006

New Mac Commercials - And They're *Funny.*

I got quite a chuckle out of these. (There's six in total.)

They touch on viruses, networking, iLife, and other related areas that the Mac is stronger than the PC. (And they feature the kid from Galaxy Quest - glad to see him back in something.) ;)

Take a look!

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25 April, 2006

You need to know about this RIGHT NOW

15 April, 2006

Windows, OS X and Linux on Intel Macs

From Slashdot:

MikeTheMan writes "By now, everyone probably heard that Apple's recently-released Boot Camp software allows users to install Windows XP alongside OS X. But now, people at have discovered how to triple-boot OS X, Windows XP, and Linux. There are instructions on the Wiki for getting Gentoo running, but it is probably trivial to get other distros working as well."
I think at this point anyone paying attention since the release of Boot Camp was probably expecting as much. I suspect these early rough trials will end up being smoothed out, and by the release of 10.5, Macs will end up easily able to boot into all three "major" OSs as a matter of course. Or even better, be able to run Windows (and Linux) virtually from within OS X, without requiring a reboot.

As John Gruber of Daring Fireball puts it:

The point is that [Boot Camp] recasts Macs from being “different” to being “special”... Instead of choosing between a Windows PC or a Mac — which decision, as I wrote recently, for most people is more accurately stated as “choosing between a familiar Windows PC or an unfamiliar Mac” — you now get to choose between a computer that can only run Windows or a computer that can run both Windows and Mac OS X.

(Emphasis mine.)

I'm interested to see what it will do to Apple's share of the market (as well as that of public awareness) to have Macs be able the only machine able to run all three OS's - and presumably win some Windows users to OS X in the process, once they have a chance to try it. It should be an interesting year.

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13 April, 2006

Fun New Device

Check out this new prototype flash-drive:


That's right: as its capacity increases, it physically swells.

I can't think of any usefulness of this at all, beyond novelty - with perhaps the concession that the swelling provides a very general visual cue to how full the device is. (Traditional manufacturers would have probably accomplished the same thing with a little LED light or something.)

Nonetheless, for its sheer inventiveness, I think this device is noteworthy. We're only beginning now to see an integration of digital/computer uses into products that play new roles in our "real" lives, interacting with us in previously unconventional ways.

There's also Ambient Devices, a company that produces lamps and desktop "dashboards" that wirelessly access the internet and change color depending on the current temperature, traffic conditions in your city, etc.

This bringing of digital information into physical devices that exist in our real world outside the computer desktop is exciting to me - I think it's a transition that marks a real shift from "doing stuff on the computer" to bringing useful information into our daily lives. Bring it on. ;)

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