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27 March, 2006

Iceland To Drill Hole Into Volcano

From Slashdot:

BBC reports that Iceland will drill a hole into a volcano so it can tap heat from it, which eventually is hoped to produce commercially available energy. From the article: ”Twenty years ago, geologist Gudmundur Omar Friedleifsson had a surprise when he lowered a thermometer down a borehole. 'We melted the thermometer,' he recalls. 'It was set for 380C; but it just melted.'“. Excuse me, Gudmundur, but how could that ever have been a 'surprise'...”

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  • At 10:39 AM, Anonymous set%20bro said…

    "...The temperature could have been 400 or even 500." - Wow, what an imagination that guy has.*


  • At 3:42 AM, Blogger mrhebrides said…

    ok. that is very cool. Blue Lagoon? Been there, done that, in March with constant snowfall.. : P

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